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Over 50% of the Fortune 100 Use TheBrain.


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Dr. Baker Headshot

TeamBrain Increases Knowledge for Next Generation of Surgeons

The Joint Council on Thoracic Surgery Education is training a new generation of surgeons. They needed a learning platform that was able to organize multiple content sources and intuitively represent complex subject matter in a way that captures all key connections and relationships. Watch now.


Case Study



American Society of Interior Designers Improves Collaboration and Project Management with TheBrain

“TheBrain enables us to see key relationships and connections, giving us the complete business context so we can execute more effectively.”

Troy Adkins, Vice President ASID-Red.png


Customer Webinar



Omer Aziz, Director of Human Resources, Research in Motion

Over the years Omer’s Brain has grown from project management to a source of creativity and personal growth. In this webinar Omer shares his favorite and most useful Thoughts that enhance his performance. Watch now.

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“The potential for creative thoughts is 
sitting right there for everyone with TheBrain."


“TheBrain is the only mind-mapping product that offers the extreme flexibility and scalability I need."


“TheBrain is the only software that can capture deep conceptual thought and organize all aspects of your life and business."


“TheBrain is like my enhanced memory."


“For me it became like breathing. TheBrain is an incredibly dense and powerful tool."


“An indispensable resource for emergencies, projects and IT management, providing the broad picture on key relationships and connections so I can react faster."


 “TheBrain helps me clarify and illuminate connections between products, market research and ideas, fostering new innovation."



Watch Big Thinker Webinar Series where these extradinary people share their Brains.