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The Brain

Create, manage and share info - without making a web site

The Brain provides a simple and fundamentally different medium for individuals to share content over the Internet, without having to create a web site. It enables both corporate and consumer users to manage and create all types of information in an associative structure that provides immediate access to content, regardless of its source.

A "Brain" is a structured collection of files that is essentially a personal information space. Published Brains can be embedded in web pages and email messages, and are hosted on Natrificial's server.

Additionally, users can create "Guide Brains," topical collections of web sites and files that can contain content from all over the web, letting users move through vast numbers of web sites and files efficiently.

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ipw id#: 916162132
date posted: Jan. 12, 1999
category: development:publishing
platform: Windows 95, NT
vendor: Natrificial Software Technologies
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