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The Brain
- by Nick Smith

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The Brain is a truly innovative application for organizing a wide range of information. The program's concept is based on the associative thought processes of the human brain. Rather than using the sometimes-arcane file structure of the PC, you can manage files and documents into a network of "thoughts." This way, your computer will function the way you want it to, literally. The Brain's space-age interface offers a graphical map where you can create and chart your thoughts. After you've "reproduced" some of the thoughts from your mind, it will be very easy to make connections and build off of them.

The Brain's organizational capabilities seem endless. You could technically connect every single document in your system. You could also chart an entire web page or collection of related sites. The program offers seamless web-integration. You can open any page with the click of a button. Even E-mail messages, including attachments, can be dragged and dropped onto the program.

This is certainly one of the most intuitive software programs ever developed. A cool feature is that you can save and publish your brains on the Internet. Natrificial's web site can take you to where other users share their knowledge. This shareware version allows you to create brains of unlimited size to 30 days. You can also create brains of up to 100 thoughts after the 30 days. Download your brain into the computer by downloading The Brain today. This program receives five smileys.


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Version 1.7 beta9
File Size
8MB RAM. 2MB HD Space. VGA Video. 80486SX CPU. 
Suggested OS
Windows 95. Windows NT. Windows 98. 

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