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Jerry’s Brain.
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Have you ever wondered what someone else’s thought patterns and connections might look like? Would you like to navigate from theories of religion, to animal intelligence all the way to hot trends like the sharing economy?

If so, then you need to dive into Jerry’s Brain. This app features acclaimed tech analyst and futurist Jerry Michalski. See his thinking all connected in his digital Brain like you’ve never seen ideas woven together before!

Jerry's Brain

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“My Brain isn’t perfect or complete, it’s just my perspective on everything, from which venture capitalists invested in which startups (and who competes with them) to the many types of democracy to my strongly held beliefs. I hope you’ll find it useful, and that you’ll email me with your comments and additions. Every day I add to this Brain -- a quarter-million thoughts and counting.”
info  For more information, see Jerry's personal support page.

For the first time ever, Jerry Michalski has released an app on his very popular internet Brain. Thousands of people have used Jerry’s Brain as a resource on the Internet for the latest and greatest business practices, social and economic theories as well as thousands of trending technology topics. Now it’s all rolled in one app for the iPhone and iPad (the larger the screen, the better it works).

Get ready to be inspired, amazed and informed.

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Key Features:

  • Over 250,000 useful, interesting topics curated by top tech analyst.
  • Dynamic information visualization of deep knowledge sets.
  • Displayed and powered by award-winning TheBrain Technologies software.
  • Most scalable and largest mind map created by a single individual ever publicly published.
  • Includes powerful search to find relevant topics.
  • Visual connections enable you to discover information that isn’t possible with standard internet search.
  • Unique and fun browsing experience through Jerry’s perspective on everything, from a tech startup ecosystem web to cocktail recipes.
  • Dynamically updated – a quarter million Thoughts and growing as Jerry adds to it!



See Connections and Ideas Like Never Before.

TheBrain is available for Windows and Mac OS desktops, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and most Web browsers.