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TheBrain Professional Services and Consulting Team


TheBrain Professional Services Team provides advanced information architecture and knowledge modeling service to organize information and build customized solutions that meet your ever growing business challenges.

One of the key principles that guides our team’s approach is cognitive indexing, the ability to link all related data together and present information more like the way each person would naturally think about an idea. Before TheBrain, access to information can be very linear—requiring multiple clicks and many searches to find a desired topic. After re-mapping, information is organized to capture and visualize the many contexts of user scenarios to improve knowledge capture.

TheBrain offers a variety of services related to the implementation of our next generation visualization and knowledge management solutions including:



Project Management: Using the Project Management Institute Standards, TheBrain project managers focus on coordinating all activities and resources on time and within budget.


Application Design: Best practices in application design are utilized by Brain architects to create robust, business results-driven solutions. Using your organization’s information, processes and systems enables our design team to deliver solutions focusing on the ongoing needs of your users and optimize their performance.


Custom Development: As needed, custom development services from TheBrain’s engineering department are specified and delivered as part of the implementation. Where appropriate, customizations are built into the product to ensure they are supported and updated as the solution evolves.

TheBrain-Logo.pngTheBrain Implementation Approach


  • Focus on end-to-end solution and application delivery
  • Incorporate a learning process throughout for knowledge transfer and maximum client involvement 
  • Driven by customer and Brain project management team
  • Effective project management through meetings and administrative tools such as progress reports, resource tracking, and project planning


For more information on customized consulting services for information management or custom application development please email or call 310-751-5000