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TheBrain Licensing                                                           


How does TheBrain download and free trial work?

You get 30 days to try all the features of TheBrain Pro. After that if you want to keep using the advanced features you will need to purchase TheBrain Pro. If you don't, you can keep using TheBrain Free edition. You will not lose any of your work and will still be able to access everything you created.


What happens if I don’t purchase TheBrain Pro after the 30 day trial?

After 30 days have passed the software will revert to TheBrain Free edition. You will still be able to access all the information you have created in your Brain, add new Thoughts and notes. However if you want to continue to add additional files, folders or email messages you will need to upgrade your license to TheBrain Pro.


How can I purchase TheBrain Pro?

You can purchase TheBrain directly from TheBrain Technologies here anytime or call +1-310-751-5000 during the hours of 8:00 am Pacific Time – 5:00 pm Pacific Time.


What is the difference between TheBrain Free and TheBrain Pro?

TheBrain Free can be used for basic mind mapping and linking of webpages and notes. TheBrain Pro offers complete information integration, advanced search and visualization options. See our chart below.



For more information on why you should buy a license of TheBrain Pro see Why Go Pro.


What are the licensing options for TheBrain Pro?

TheBrain offers a number of purchase options. You can purchase TheBrain Pro as a license only or the license and service combo, which includes: a software license, upgrades and cloud services. We also offer a subscription license that renews annually if you are on a tighter budget. See the chart below to find what’s right for you.


TheBrain Pro License includes


All Inclusive: Cloud Services,
Upgrades and Perpetual License for TheBrain Pro

$299 1st year
Renews at $159 / year

TheBrain Pro Combo includes
  • Exclusive Pro features
  • All New TheBrain Features
  • Free upgrades as long as your subscription is valid
  • Online access of your Brain from a web browser
  • Secure backup of your Brain online
  • 30 GB of online storage space
  • Synchronization of your Brain across multiple machines



$15/ month*
*Billed annually at $180 / year

TheBrain Pro Service includes
  • Exclusive Pro features
  • TheBrain Pro on your desktop and the web
  • Free upgrades as long as your subscription is valid



How do I activate my license once I purchase TheBrain Pro?

TheBrain utilizes an activation system, which does not use serial numbers and allows activation on up to four separate machines, on any of our supported desktop operating systems. There is no limit to the number of mobile installations. After your installation is complete, you will be prompted to log in with a username/email and password. To activate your software, please log in using your Brain Account.  If you have been using TheBrain and are already logged in, simply make sure you are online then click TheBrain logo in the top right corner of the window or restart TheBrain and your new license will be detected.


If you do not have a BrainID/Brain Account, one will be created for you using the email address provided at time of purchase. You will receive an email containing instructions for completing the creation of your account.  Follow these instructions, launch TheBrain and log in when prompted in order to activate.


For more information on how to activate your license see TheBrain activation page or email


How many activations am I allowed?

A Brain Pro License allows you to install on up to four separate computers at once (any combination of Windows and macOS machines). There is no limit to the number of activations.


What happens if my subscription expires or I cancel?

If your Pro Combo subscription expires or you choose to cancel, you will no longer have access to TheBrain Pro Cloud Services or be eligible for Free upgrades to new versions of TheBrain.

Your perpetual, Pro license will still be available to you and enables you to continue using TheBrain Pro Edition desktop software for the last version of TheBrain that your subscription was active. When a new version of TheBrain is released, you will be required to purchase a license upgrade if you wish to use the Pro Edition of the new version being released.







What are the upgrade prices for TheBrain 9?

Your upgrade price depends on the version of the software you have and when you purchased it. For more information on what upgrade discount you qualify for go to our Upgrade Program Page. Below is a brief summary.

From TheBrain 8 Pro License Only

  • Free

    if a new license was originally purchased after November 1, 2015 (this does not include upgrades)
  • $159

    if originally purchased before November 1, 2015


From Any Version of TheBrain 3 or greater (formerly known as PersonalBrain)

  • $159


How do I upgrade to TheBrain 9?

Upgrading is easy. Go to the store and enter the email address you used to purchase any previous version. Your discount price will be displayed. Complete the purchase, download and install TheBrain and log in. Your license will be recognized automatically.




TheBrain Services                                                            


What is TheBrain Services Plan?

TheBrain Services Plan gives you unlimited upgrades, online data backup of your Brain and data synchronization across multiple machines. If you have a license of the software you can purchase TheBrain Services for $159. For new users, we also offer a license and service combination package for $299. You can purchase services by calling TheBrain at 310-751-5000 or buy now from our online store.


How can I try TheBrain Cloud Services?

All Brain users can take advantage of TheBrain Services by creating an account via the "sign up" link at the top right of

  • When you setup a Brain account you get a trial of all Cloud Services for 30 days for desktop syncing and unlimited private syncing from your iOS or Android Brain to TheBrain Cloud. You have the option to publish your Brain publicly or privately.
  • If you upgrade to TheBrain Pro License Only and with to wish to sync Brains to the cloud and across multiple devices after 30 days you will need to subscribe to TheBrain Cloud Services.
  • TheBrain Free Edition allows basic syncing across multiple devices without any time limit but does not allow file attachments.


How much data can I store on TheBrain Cloud?

There is no limit to the number of Thoughts and links you can add to your Brain. TheBrain Free does not allow file attachments. TheBrain Pro allows file attachments both on the desktop and in the cloud. On the desktop version there is no limit to the size or amount of files you can add or link.  In the cloud, you can store up to 30 GB of file attachments. Each individual attachment may be up to 200 MB. 


Is TheBrain Cloud Services secure?

TheBrain Cloud services offer an easy and convenient way for you to share and publish data within a secure, reliable environment.  Access control allows you to decide who should be able to see your information from just you to the whole world, while state of the art encryption keeps your data secure. You can rest assured that your data is safe with redundant, multiple-location real time backups.

  • TheBrain Cloud services uses the same encryption technologies used by governments, banks and the military to keep your data from prying eyes.
  • During synchronization, your data is transferred using SSL encryption so it is not vulnerable to interception.
  • For data storage, encryption is used on all notes, attachments, icons and images.


What happens to my online Brains after my free trial if I don’t purchase?

After your trial ends you will still have access to all your online Brains via 




Special Purchases                                                             


Do you offer educational discounts?

Certified students and faculty members can receive 20% off our standard prices for new purchases and 10% off on upgrades. To qualify for this discount you must call 310-751-5000 or email with proof to redeem your discount.


Does TheBrain offer volume discounts and purchase plans for group licenses?

Yes. If you are interested in receiving a volume discount for a group purchase or would like advice on TheBrain corporate solutions email: or call +1-310-751-5000 between 8:00 am Pacific to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.





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