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TheBrain 9 Pro Upgrade Program
Version 9: Faster and More Intuitive than Ever

All Inclusive: Cloud Services,
Upgrades and Perpetual License

Upgrade from any version of TheBrain: $159 / year*

TheBrain Pro Combo includes
  • All upgrades as long as your subscription is valid
  • Online access of your Brain from a web browser
  • Backup of your Brain online automatically
  • Synchronization of your Brain across multiple machines

TheBrain 9

  • Upgrades to TheBrain 9 are free if you have an active services plan or if you purchased a new License for TheBrain 8 after November 1, 2015. When you login using TheBrain 9, your existing license will be automatically recognized.
  • If you do not qualify for a free upgrade, you can use the 30 day trial of TheBrain 9 and add services to your license here or call 310-751-5000 when you are ready.
  • Like TheBrain 8, TheBrain 9 offers a free edition with some limitations for personal use.
  • Learn more about TheBrain 9.


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If you don't know the email address your previous purchase was made under, contact or call us at +1-310-751-5000.